Audible/Visual Warning Devices


Constructed in stainless steel (gr. 316L & 316), rated IP66 for ingress protection and certified (ATEX and IEC IECEx) for Zone 1, 2, 21, and 22 explosion-proof signaling, the new STEx family includes alarm sounders, PA loudspeakers, Xenon strobe beacons, Rotating Halogen beacons, LED beacons and combined (beacon and sounder in single assembly) units for use in aggressive onshore and offshore environments.


Product line consists of:

  • 117 and 123-dBA alarm horn sounders with either flared or omni-directional radial horns
  • 15 and 25-w PA loudspeakers
  • 21, 15, and 10-joule Xenon strobe beacons
  • rotating halogen beacons
  • LED beacons
  • combined units
  • stainless steel junction boxes
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