Automation Light Grid


The second generation of the Slim Light Grid (SLG-2) is a space-saving automation light grid that provides maximum flexibility and functionality with space-saving dimensions. It features high performance detection and measurement, low-profile construction, detection heights adjustable in practical increments, and a blind zone-free design.


The performance of the SLG-2 with its patented optics is complemented by the integrated smart task functionality and extensive diagnostic options. With IO-Link communication as a standard, the light grid is Industry 4.0 ready. Designed for use in logistics systems, machine building, and packaging machines, it fulfils a range of requirements demanded by integrators and OEMs.


The light grid is available in beam separations of 10 mm, 25 mm, and 50 mm. In “multiple-cross-beam” mode, the light grid not only achieves a resolution of 6.5 mm, but can also reliably detect flat objects that can be thinner than 1 mm.


An optical element developed and patented by SICK ensures maximum resistance to ambient light, reflections or interference from other opto-electronic sensors in the surroundings. The SLG-2 also offers short response times, ranging from 2.1 to 20 ms, depending on the number of light beams.


The user can choose between the slim variant with light emission through the thin side of the device or the flat version with the optics opening in the flat housing profile, making mechanical installation easy. With the SLG-2, all light beams can be read out individually, and the beam status can be transmitted via the IO-Link interface.


Using the integrated smart task logic, it is also possible to define different zones within the light grid, assign functions to them, logically link zone signals to one another, and provide the values as output signals.


  • Slim and flat housing variants
  • Cross-beam function: Up to 9 beams
  • Short response times due to its own light grid ASIC
  • Detection, classification, and measurement functions as well as Smart Tasks
  • Detailed diagnostic information
  • IO-Link COM3 interface
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