Robots Enhance Automated Painting Process


Ecopaint Robot generation scores with innovative functions for the automated painting process. Due to its greater kinematic freedom, the EcoRP E043i model with its seven-axis kinematic system enlarges the work zone and can eliminate the need for a linear displacement rail. This can significantly reduce investment and maintenance costs in the paint booth.


Paint robots are usually equipped with six axis. A displacement rail in the booth wall ensures that the robot can move parallel with the car body in the paint booth and thereby reach all car body areas.


Six-axis variants are still available in the product range, alongside the highly flexible seven-axis robot. Apart from the missing seventh axis, they are identical to the seven-axis robot and are used with or without displacement axis.


Ecopaint EcoRP Robots include:

  •  E043i model with 7-axis kinematic system that enlarges the work zone and can eliminate need for a linear displacement rail
  •  EcoRCMP2 robot control—a key module of the Smart Factory
  •  E/L133i model which operates either on a top or bottom-mounted rail

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