Autonomous Forklift


With the ability to lead and unload pallets completely autonomously, Trey, an autonomous forklift, is ideal for truck trailer loading and unloading operations. Saving more than 8% of a worker’s time, it operates safely, consistently, and reliably in dynamic environments.


Working side by side with people, Trey can be beneficial for companies who are experiencing labor shortages. It can increase throughput and raise process stability and efficiently through loading dock safety. The solution has a minimal impact on existing infrastructure and is easy to use, deploy, and scale.


The trailer solution combines Gideon’s proprietary autonomy technology powered by AI and 3D vision, user-friendly software for smart workflow orchestration, and a purpose-made chassis by Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp.


  • Relieve labor shortage pressure
  • Raise process stability and efficiency
  • Reduce incidents and damages
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Increase throughput
  • Simplify at scale


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