Backward Curved Fans Offer High Pressure, Low Airflow


High-efficiency Rosenberg backward curved centrifugal fans are an ideal performance and function fit for a wide range of HVAC designs, especially evaporator applications.

These rugged backward curved units are available with or without housing in five sizes, from 16 to 25 inches (406.4mm to 635mm). The fans deliver up to six inches of static pressure and maximum capacity of 16,450 cfm. With their external rotor motors, the fans are 100 percent speed controlable. Thermal contacts provide standard motor protection.

The fans are available with extended-life, low-temperature brushless DC motors that are controlled by maintenance-free electronic circuitry. Because of reduced mechanical content, electronically commutated (EC) Rosenberg fan motors run cooler and quieter.

Rosenberg backward curved fans are available to meet customer-defined specifications
including airflow, power, rotational speeds, noise level, overall dimensions and finish.

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