BG Sorter Compact CB


BG Sorter Compact CB sortation system is a smart, high-capacity sortation system that features a tight curve radius for use in tight environments. The compact cross-belt loop sorter delivers the benefits of high-speed sortation while reducing per item handling costs.


The mix of items that can be handled by the high-speed cross belt loop sorter, ranges from small items and flats to parcels weighing up to 12 kg. This wide mix is typical for sorting items such as fashion, accessories, food products as well as packages, smalls, flyers, and rest mail of different sizes and dimensions.


The flexibility of the modular system enables features such as exceptionally small radii for the curves and a high number of induction units and destination chutes to be integrated into the tightest sortation footprint.


Even with the complexity of sorting lightweight and plastic-wrapped shipments, the sorter has a proven ability to deliver almost 100% sortation accuracy. This is achieved by using the active discharge of the products from the sorter rather than using gravity-fed discharge. The automation of the sortation process replaces the labor-intensive sortation of these particular items and provides the operational throughput to support current and future capacity forecasts.

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