Biodegradable Rail Flank Lubricating Grease


Klüberrail AE 62-21 is an environmentally compatible and fully synthetic grease for stationary rail flank lubrication systems. 

Klüberrail AE 62-21 is an easily pumpable grease that adheres well to rails and flanks while reducing friction value. The special composition of the gray lubricating grease ensures rapid biodegradability acc. to OECD 301 F as well as very good wear protection for wheels and rails.

Moreover, Klüberrail AE 62-21 is very adhesive and resistant to water, which largely prevents the lubricant from being washed off by rain. Klüberrail AE 62-21 optimizes the friction value between wheel and rail, thus reducing both the stick-slip effect on curves and the generation of noise. The lubricant forms a lubricant depot on the rail flank which is picked up and distributed by the wheels of the train.


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