Cargo Monitor IoT Device


Offering connectivity and data performance in a compact design, the Cargo Monitor IoT device delivers global visibility through the location, status, and condition of shipments anywhere in the world.


This next generation supply chain visibility creates transparency for critical data. By attaching to the cargo within the shipping container, it can be used to monitor the transportation of high-value and sensitive products, including perishables, pharmaceuticals, textiles, conditions-sensitive industrial products, electronics, and more.


The purpose-built software from Nexxiot identifies cargo-damaging shocks, excessive humidity, condensation, temperature, cargo provenance, and security issues. The sensor can also connect to Wireless Maritime Services which provides connectivity on ocean vessels at sea via cellular and IoT networks. Via intelligent cloud, users will have access to data-driven insights.


It includes a powerful transceiver with an innovative antenna design and ultra-low power consumption. The hardware device also includes on-board power management and recharging, diverse sensing capabilities, powerful connectivity, and over-the-air firmware updates.


Additional benefits include the ability to demonstrate process accountability, improved safety performance, and data to accelerate essential processes, including freight declarations, customs checks, and stowage planning to reduce journey times.


  • Monitor cargo in real-time
  • Maximize your profit potential
  • Increase safety and quality
  • Create transparency
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