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SLA Actuators use recirculating ball linear guides that ensure smooth motion and high load capacity. They feature a lightweight precision aluminum base, offer easy assembly, and are stackable without additional brackets.


The SLA Actuator is highly customizable to meet the demands of virtually any precision linear motion control application. The actuator is offered in both a lead screw design as well as a ball screw version for higher speeds and duty cycles. Features include a wide base for maximum stiffness, custom lengths up to an industry-leading 1 m, an anti-backlash leadscrew nut, and built-in proximity or photoelectric sensors.


Additional options include different motor flanges, brake options, a linear encoder option, a cover option for contamination protection, and servo, stepper, and smart motor control options. SLA Actuators are available for clean environment use.


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  • Rigid linear bearings
  • Lightweight precision aluminum base
  • Easy assembly, stackable, without additional brackets
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Customizable
  • Clean Room prep
  • Custom lengths
  • Different motor flanges
  • Different lead options
  • Brake options
  • Linear encoder option
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