cenitCONNECT APM Software


A full-scale upgrade enhances the efficiency and performance of the cenitCONNECT APM software for sustainable digitalization and high-performance process management. cenitCONNECT APM 5.0 lets businesses leverage their digitalization strategy to achieve significant advances in profitability, resilience, and sustainability:

  • Structure Release Management App enables intelligent analysis and release of complex product structures within the process context, alerts users to deviations from defined targets, and provides strong support for quality control in product design.
  • Change Log App makes process deviations visible and improves monitoring and analysis of changes based on faster identification of new, deleted or modified information.
  • UI5 Workflow Viewer generates intuitive process graphs for rapid orientation and transparency across process flows and thereby facilitates communication between stakeholders.
  • Multi Team Staffing App provides expanded staff planning functions for efficient personnel deployment and promotes collaboration between stakeholders across locations and company boundaries.


CENIT’s software architects also gave the tried and proven functionalities of cenitCONNECT APM a technology upgrade that boosts the performance and efficiency of the entire solution. For instance, preconfigured KPIs now provide user support in prioritizing and managing individual and team tasks. The release also features improved, automated monitoring and reporting on all processes, e.g. end2end release, master data, and change management. This ensures maximum transparency of ongoing workflows and relevant events, letting users recognize process disruptions early on and respond proactively.


cenitCONNECT APM also plays a major role in the context of SAP system integration: The embedded Advisor Technology orchestrates SAP objects in accordance with process progress, even across SAP system boundaries.


  • Process management on all necessary levels with a standardized, enterprise-wide structure
  • Process modeling without the need for programming or IT knowledge
  • Standardized business processes from the highest level down to the details
  • Release and backup processes
  • Global collaboration
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Multi-SAP system support
  • Simple template management
  • Advisor technology to support search and implementation
  • Corporate knowledge captured in each process through checklists, decisions, milestones, notes, and documents
  • Rapid integration of new business units and new team members through flexible process templates
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