Ceramic Grades Offer High-Speed Turning


Two ceramic insert grades, CC6220 and CC6230, are capable of performing high-speed, high-security turning operations on components made from demanding HRSA (heat-resistant superalloy) materials.


The ceramic grades are developed to machine demanding materials where whisker ceramics and SiAlONs fall short. Their ability to handle higher cutting speeds contribute to reduced cost per component, while inherent machining security ensures that quality is not compromised.


There is growing demand for aerospace engine parts that can withstand extreme temperatures beyond the capability of those made from Inconel and other high-performance superalloys. Although these powder metallurgic materials can be tailored to handle substantially higher temperatures, they are more difficult to machine than common HRSAs.


Aside from the aerospace industry, other sectors expected to benefit from CC6220 and CC6230 include power generation (turbine components in Inconel and Hastelloy), and oil and gas (parts cladded with Stellite 6, for example).

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