CIRCOR Pipeline Engineering App


CIRCORSmart, a free mobile app designed for use by operators of a variety of CIRCOR Pipeline Engineering products, uses QR codes and NFC technology to access essential and specific product data instantly.


With the CIRCORSmart app, operators have constant access to detailed product specifications for their CIRCOR technology, all product-specific instruction manuals, FAQ and troubleshooting tips, an array of instructional videos, a spare part requests feature, material records, as well as instant access to the expertise of product specialists who are available live.


CIRCORSmart is also an invaluable tool for keeping track of CIRCOR Pipeline Engineering products and their maintenance schedules. CIRCORSmart allows operators to track maintenance on each product, take detailed notes and store them, and attach photos and important files for future use. The ability to keep track of product maintenance information at all times contributes to reduced downtime for technology.


CIRCORSmart is available for download from both the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for android. Find more information about the app and the link to download it here:


  • Detailed product specifications
  • Product-specific instruction manuals
  • FAQ and troubleshooting tips
  • Instructional videos
  • Spare part requests
  • Material records
  • The expertise of product specialists
  • Track maintenance on each individual product
  • Take detailed notes
  • Attach photos
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