Clear, Permanent/Removable Laminating Tape


Pres-On is now offering a complete industrial line of permanent/removable clear laminating tapes in standard and custom slit sizes. Primarily used in the temporary bonding of labels, packaging padding, reclosable bags, retail point-of-purchase displays and promotional items, Pres-On's PB200 laminating tapes deliver exceptional reliability for manufacturers of these products.
Quality and convenience are two factors that set Pres-On PB200 laminating tapes apart from competing brands. Supplied on production-ready rolls, the tapes consist of a permanent laminating adhesive on the unwind side and a removable adhesive on the user side, both of which resist moisture, UV, oil and grease for excellent environmental and aging properties.

The tape's permanent side features an aggressive acrylic adhesive that adheres to a large variety of substrates, including foams, corks, felts and films. Its removable side has an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive that will not build over time. It will hold moderate loads and ultimately removes cleanly from most surfaces up to one year depending on the application. It will easily hold one-half pound (lb) per square inch of tape.

Standard roll size is 54 inches wide and 750 feet in length. Custom sizes are also available.

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