CLICK PLUS PLC: Stackable and Modular Programmable Controllers


2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

The CLICK PLUS PLC platform provides the same simple, low-learning-curve control as its predecessor, the CLICK PLC, but with advanced options like Wi-Fi communication, MQTT support, data logging, and motion control. 


CLICK PLUS CPUs are offered in wired-only, wireless-only, and wireless/wired styles with one or two I/O module slots. All six CPUs offer convenient USB programming and support the IIoT standard MQTT protocol as well as Modbus TCP. Select CPU modules support EtherNet/IP communication and serial-capable models use Modbus RTU. Wi-Fi-capable CPUs provide time-saving installations as no new network cabling is required (antenna sold separately).


Using the I/O module slot(s), each CPU can be configured as a stand-alone PLC with the user’s preference of I/O. Numerous Option Slot I/O Modules are available to add discrete I/O with high-speed capability, analog I/O, or combinations of both. With a DC I/O module placed in slot 0, the CLICK PLUS CPU can be used as a 3-axis PTO/PWM motion controller providing 100kHz high-speed inputs and outputs. With this capability, CLICK PLUS PLCs can easily perform velocity moves, homing commands or interpolated positioning.


For larger systems, up to 8 stackable I/O modules can be connected to the side of the CLICK PLUS CPU providing an additional 128 discrete or 48 analog I/O points. CLICK PLUS PLCs use the same free software as the original CLICK PLCs and have added improved port management, ping disable, and session security to help maintain system integrity.


  • Choose your preferred communication method: wired, wireless (Wi-Fi) or both
  • Micro USB programming port for instant connections
  • Data logging with microSD support (on select models)
  • Serial and Ethernet options with MQTT, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus RTU/TCP capability
  • CPU option module slots allow you to tailor your stand-alone PLC I/O to your particular application
  • A CLICK PLUS CPU with on-board option module(s) can be used as a complete standalone PLC system, or the controller can be expanded with the addition of up to 8 stackable I/O modules
  • Optional strong password support
  • Encrypted password transfer and storage
  • Improved port management
  • Ping disable
  • Session security for connected devices
  • 100kHz Inputs and outputs
  • High-speed counting and interval/duration/frequency measurement
  • Counting: Up, Down, Up/Down, Pulse/Direction, Quadrature (with Z)
  • Measurement: Intervals (Edge-Edge), Duration (High/Low), Frequency (Hz/RPM)
  • 3-axis PTO/PWM motion control with multi-axis interpolation
  • Does not require a mounting base
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