Compact Laser Modules


A compact, high-precision line of piezo laser modules for ablation applications contains a series of compact commercial and OEM modules which include an attenuator, X-Y aperture, rotating waveplate and filter wheel.


These piezo laser modules are the result of customer demands for smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective beam delivery components. The use of the piezo motors creates faster adjustments for a higher level of precision.


These compact modules were designed for lasers in the 1064nm range with tact times under one-second and a damage threshold of 5 J/cm2. Each module has a 20 mm beam height. With no standard module larger than 45 mm, the size makes these perfect for researchers wanting to create smaller systems or test beds. The modules are easily controlled via USB or RS232 and custom solutions are also available for more specific applications.


  • Compact Size & Packaging 
  • Fast Tact Times <1s 
  • Damage Threshold: 5 J/cm2 
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Full Customer Service & Support 
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