ConnectedDeck System Boosts Double-Decking Efficiency by 95%


With an integrated platform, the ConnectedDeck System merges two or three adjustable, self-leveling decking beams with a formed composite panel that creates an integrated cargo platform that's easily adjustable, stores at ceiling height, and never has to be disassembled and reassembled. The lightweight platform allows workers to quickly deploy and adjust an entirely decked, ready-to-load, two or three-beamed cargo platform within seconds.


Locked at ceiling height when not in use, the whole platform can be released with a common dock hook or fifth-wheel pin puller. After just one side of the deck is unlocked with a single pull, the entire platform is freed and can easily be manipulated by hand, moved to its desired height, and locked into position.


ConnectedDeck can be positioned by hand in 13 seconds and the entire unit requires less than 10 lb. ( x kg) of force to pull down and can lift itself, unassisted, back to its ceiling storage position.


The system’s Level Deck beams and foot assemblies can withstand all but the most severe forklift strikes, and its locking mechanism prevents upward adjustments by forklifts. The system’s LayerLok XP track can be installed with rivets or with an adhesive.

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