ConneX CREW Job Site Communication Mobile App


Connecting 10 team members without needing internet or cell phone service, the ConneX CREW mobile app provides job site groups with a secured smartphone platform where authorized participants access calls and messaging with just a few clicks.


The mobile app can be downloaded for free (search name DC ConneX CREW) from the Google Play or Apple App stores to transform an Android or iOS phone into a group communication system when the phones are connected to the David Clark Company Audio Gateway device. Activate the hands-free feature when using the speakerphone option or pair a phone with any Bluetooth hearing device.


The system requires one Audio Gateway on a job site to connect your team members using smartphones without any other equipment. The CREW Audio Gateway acts as a portable network, protected in a case to allow reliable, natural conversation.


  • Full duplex communications for groups of up to 10 people
  • Hear each other in real-time with reliable and secure audio transmission to your entire group
  • 200 ft (61 m) range
  • VoX (Voice-operated Exchange): Analyzes environmental noise and selectively unmutes audio transmission only when the presence of voice is detected, keeping background noise to a minimum
  • Push-to-Talk (PTT): Allows users to primarily listen to the group audio, pushing and holding the PTT button on the app screen to speak
  • Supports phone speaker and speakerphone modes, wired headsets, and Bluetooth devices
  • Users may mute or unmute themselves on the group call screen when in Full-Duplex or VoX mode
  • Users may message another User directly or the entire group. Message recipients will see messages only when connected to the AG through the app
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