DeltaV Mobile App: Know the Health of Your Operations


The DeltaV Mobile app ensures plant personnel have faster access to process information and helps organizations tailor the notifications personnel receive. DeltaV Mobile provides read-only access to a plant’s distributed control system and operation data and offers improved customization and access to third-party systems in one app. DeltaV Mobile users will be able to more quickly respond to important process information and changes including held batches, production bottlenecks, and potential safety issues.


Custom notifications provide personnel across the organization fast access to essential information including batch status, safety instrumented systems bypass, key performance indicators or any other process parameter they want to monitor. These notifications are customized to individuals, ensuring personnel such as process engineers and supervisors are notified on-demand of information relevant to their job but do not create additional control system nuisance alarms or notifications that add unnecessary distractions for control room operators and other personnel.


DeltaV Mobile also enables teams to customize how they handle notification escalation and response. Notification escalation paths now include user-specific time delays, reminders, and limits for each stakeholder in the organization. Users can claim ownership of notifications to clearly communicate to plant personnel who are investigating the problem and sparing others, particularly supervisory personnel, from the distraction of notifications for problems that are already being investigated.


Open Platform Communication (OPC) browsing makes it easier to create watch lists and custom alerts from any OPC Classic data source including from historians such as the OSIsoft PI System, third-party control systems, and PLCs. In addition, a new bulk editing tool allows users to bulk-create lists (with or without notification preferences) in spreadsheet applications, making it easier to create personalized watch lists and alarm lists.


CompatibilityFunctions on DeltaV v11.3.1, v12.3.1, and v13.3.1
iOS Mobile DevicesiPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, and 7 Plus
iOS Operating SystemsiOS 9 and newer
Android Mobile DeviceSamsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, S8, S5 Note, Google Pixel, LG G6
Android Operating SystemsAndroid 5.0 Lollipop and newer
  • Get the same richness of data and alarms from DeltaV operator stations, now on built-for-purpose mobile screens.
  • Easily and securely access your data on-premise with Wi-Fi or off-premise with VPN.
  • Engineers, operators, and managers can maintain situational awareness beyond the operator console by securely accessing key data from a mobile device.
  • Easily create personalized watch lists of process values and alarms, with no additional DeltaV configuration required.
  • Receive real-time notifications of DeltaV alarms.
  • Collaborative features make it easier to securely share data among your team.
  • View alarm details and trends of related process data on the same screen, providing additional context to alarms.
  • Users can view DeltaV data from multiple DeltaV systems, continuous historians, and other data sources from their mobile devices.
  • Available on iOS and select Android Devices.
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