Control/Program Robots in Standard PLC Programming


The MLX300 software option is the latest generation of integration for Yaskawa robots and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). The MLX300 enables operators to control and program Yaskawa robots in a standard PLC programming environment, eliminating the need to learn a specific robot programming language. All program execution is performed by the PLC; the motion control is handled by the superior kinematic algorithms of the Yaskawa robot controller. Supported PLCs include CompactLogix, ControlLogix and GuardLogix.


This “unified controls” approach simplifies safety design by eliminating redundant electrical interfaces and consolidating hardware to optimize floorspace. Its single controller, single programming environment typically requires a single programmer to implement an application. In addition, familiarity of the controls among maintenance technicians allows faster troubleshooting and quicker plant acceptance.


A comprehensive set of robust Add-On-Instructions (AOIs) and HMI screens that are specific to robot configuration and motion control is included. AOIs are easy programming tools that completely control the robot’s configuration, motion and state of operation (such as jogging, setting tools, user frames, interference zones, shifts, changing system states and commanding joint/linear motion). The HMI screens create a user-friendly interface with full functionality. Operator station HMI software is available for the Allen-Bradley PanelView display and pendant HMI software is available for the Allen-Bradley MobileView or Pro-face GP4000.


The MLX300 software option is compatible with any Yaskawa DX200 material handling robot or YRC1000 GP-series robot. A combination of up to four robots and positioners can be connected to a single MLX300 system.



  • Broader range of PLC-programmable robots
    • All DX200 material handling robots
    • All YRC1000 GP-family robots
  • Optional Functional Safety Unit
  • Standard controller technology
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