Wizard Easy Programming Software for YuMi Cobots


Wizard easy programming is a graphical programming method that enables users to quickly create robot application programs for ABB’s single-arm YuMi collaborative robot, without the need for specialized training.


This easy programming software is built on the concept of Blockly, an open-source visual coding method that presents programming language or code as interlocking blocks. By using this simplified approach, Wizard allows users to program and use the Single-Arm YuMi robot without prior knowledge of any robot programming language. A user can simply drag and drop these functions on the FlexPendant, see the results immediately and adjust the robot’s actions within seconds.


Combined with its lead through programming feature, Wizard easy programming makes using a single-arm YuMi robot smoother than ever. The software features essential robot functions such as “move”, “pick” and “vacuum”, covering a wide range of tasks that are usually executed by the robot. There are also functions for error handling, allowing novice programmers to take care of errors such as collisions. By simplifying the typically complex programming associated with handling errors, Wizard easy programming can help any robot user develop highly effective robot programs. 


Unlike other types of easy programming software, Wizard easy programming is converted in real-time into ABB’s RAPID programming language, giving Wizard easy programming the advantage to support advanced robot functions. Complex robot programs such as for assembly tasks can be created by skilled robot programmers and then turned into a Wizard program for novice robot users to use and operate.


Wizard is available as a pre-installed application on the FlexPendant device for all Single-Arm YuMi robots. The Wizard easy programming software is available for free and the software will also be made available to existing YuMi customers in the form of a free add-in that can be installed via RobotStudio to the FlexPendant.

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