CoroPlex YT All-Directional Y-Axis Turning


2023 NED Innovation Award Winner

CoroPlex YT twin-tool was created to support a new turning method: Y-axis turning. This method enables simultaneous 3-axis turning in which the tool rotates around its own center. The insert is positioned for machining in the Y-Z plane and the milling spindle axis interpolates during turning. As a result, a complex shape or a pocket can be machined with a single tool.


The ability to machine several features with a single tool reduces cycle time, and no tool changes are required which minimizes the risk of “blend points” or irregularities between adjacent machined surfaces. The main cutting forces are directed into the machine spindle, thus improving stability and reducing the risk of vibration. A constant entering angle drastically improves chip control and makes it easier to avoid chip jamming.


CoroPlex YT twin-tool features CoroTurn TR profiling inserts and CoroTurn 107 round inserts with rail interface, which can be used for components with pockets and cavities. The Y-axis turning method is suitable for all materials and requires a multi-task machine with options to allow interpolation of the milling spindle axis during turning. The CoroPlex YT twin-tool can also be used in “static mode” with a locked spindle for flexible 2-axis turning with fast insert indexing.


  • Simultaneous 3-axis turning with interpolation of the milling spindle axis
  • Tools can be used in static mode with a locked spindle for flexible 2-axis turning with fast insert indexing
  • Machine all turning operations with one tool: Roughing, finishing, longitudinal turning, facing, profiling
  • Suitable for all materials


  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous materials
  • Heat-resistant super alloys
  • Hardened steel
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