CoroTurn Prime B-Type Insert


The second generation CoroTurn Prime B-type inserts increase productivity and tool life. The double-sided negative insert features four cutting edges and is designed for roughing and finishing in steel, stainless and duplex stainless steel, HRSA, and titanium. With four cutting edges, twice the edges compared to the previous insert, machining is more cost-efficient. The tool is also equipped with a robust tip seat design, preventing tool breakage if the insert breaks and enabling the shift of feed directions without insert movements. Furthermore, the geometries are updated for better chip control even in very challenging materials, such as duplex stainless steel and ductile steels.


The CoroTurn Prime B-type inserts are available for external and internal turning in a range of high-performing grades, including the new steel turning grades GC4415 and GC4425.


  • Grades: GC4425, GC4415, GC2220, GC2025, GC1115, S205, and H13A
  • Geometries: -M5, -M5W, -M7, -M7W, -L4, and -L4W
  • Insert shape: Tip shaped as CNMG (KAPR 25°)
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