DOG-6 Oscillation Flow Meter


The DOG-6 Oscillation Flow Meter for dry gases, wet gases, and gas mixtures is designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. It offers natural, gravity induced condensate drainage. The DOG-6 also offers an optional shut-off valve, calibration software, and a flow computer. It can be custom made to user specifications, opening the door even wider to fields of application. It is available in a wide variety of measuring ranges and fittings, and it offers exceptional accuracy, long-term stability, and ATEX/IECE approvals.


During the flow through the flow body, part of the media is routed through a bypass into a flow oscillator, which is the element where measurement occurs. Here, the media flows through a chamber with two flow channels, and a bluff body in the flow stream directs the flow to either the left or the right. A channel on the side of the bluff body connects both sides. The flow creates a positive pressure on one side and a negative on the other, and this difference in pressure redirects the flow to the other side.  The flow begins to oscillate, and the rate of oscillation is used to compute the flow measurement.


Because it operates without any moving parts, it delivers low maintenance and a long service life. The sensor is built to withstand aggressive media, moisture, and dirt particles. Biogas produced by fermentation is an ideal candidate for the DOG-6 as it also is resistant to sulfur. It works at extremely low operating pressures and has a low pressure drop. It is also well suited for compressed air, natural gas, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, propane, argon, and other medical or technical gases.



  • Unique flow meter technology
  • Sloped design drains condensate from moist gas
  • Low maintenance, high longevity
  • Minimal pressure loss
  • Wide sensing range
  • Insensitive to moisture, contamination, and aggressive media like sulfur
  • Ideal for biogas, digester gas, fermentation gas, and more
  • Certifications/approvals: ATEX, IECEx
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