Dok-Lok Dock Timer


As a visual management tool for loading dock productivity, the Dok-Lok Dock Timer allows for logistics personnel to take control of each dock position by monitoring the total duration of loading activities.


Either counting up or down, the timer automatically begins when the Dok-Lok vehicle restraint safely secures a trailer to the facility. When integrated with an optional trailer presence sensor, which helps confirm trailer presence without the need to step outside, the timer begins counting once a trailer is detected at the dock position. It stops counting once the vehicle restraint disengages the trailer, signifying the load is complete.


Accommodating various trailer types and load size needs, facilities customize the set shipping window for each dock position. The intuitive control interface indicates crucial loading time milestones with colored backgrounds.


  • Real-time display of active or total loading duration for each dock position
  • Helps improve loading efficiencies by increasing capacity & trailer throughput
  • Visual management tool cleanly displayed on NEMA 4X Graphic User Interface (GUI)
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