Easy and Intuitive RFID Printers


Increase operational efficiency and reduce labor costs with the CL4NX Plus and CL6NX Plus RFID printers. The 4-in. CL4NX Plus includes enhanced RFID features such as automatic antenna positioning, dual antennas, and storage of up to 10 inlay settings. For the first time, encode 6 labels/tags with the CL6NX Plus which includes the same great features as the CL4NX Plus.


The CL4NX Plus offers the support of up to 10-in. (254 mm) OD of media and 1968-ft (600 m) ribbon while the CL6NX Plus offers the support of up to 8.6-in. (218 mm) OD of media and 1968-ft (600 m) ribbon. Both printers incorporate Smart Print head technology to keep track of usage specific to the print head installed along with a platen roller with Pure Line indicator to provide a visual wear indicator so users can be proactive when changing components.


The Micro Label Print Mode provides higher print accuracy for small pitch labels and can even dispense labels as small as 10 mm. Using SATO Application Enabled Printing (AEP), you can create custom standalone applications that can be run directly on the printer independent of host software and connect peripheral devices directly to the printer such as keyboards, weigh scales, barcode scanner for data input.


Registering commonly used settings can save up to 10 write/read tag/label types. The user can now select and load these store settings to encode multiple media with the same printer. Having compatibility with specialty RFID labels/tags supports the encoding of various RFID labels/tags including tags used with metals.


  • Full color interactive LCD with Intuitive Menu Navigation
  • On-board Help Videos
  • Tool-less Maintenance
  • Multiple Interfaces - Auto Switching
  • Competitive Emulations On-board - Auto Switching
  • Micro Label Print Mode
  • HF or UHF RFID support with SATO RF Analyze (SRA)
  • Smart Print Head and Pure Line Platen Roller
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