EcoLine Biodegradable Drilling Rod Grease


EcoLine Drilling Rod Grease is a premium quality biobased and biodegradable lubricant for drilling rod applications. The grease contains extreme pressure additives for excellent protection where constant drilling vibration creates a high load on drilling rod joints. This biobased, biodegradable grease is recommended for use in environmentally sensitive areas near waterways.


EcoLine Drilling Rod Grease is formulated from vegetable oils and aluminum complex-based thickener and has a higher flash point than most petroleum greases, increasing safety and allowing use in high-temperature applications. It's formulated to be applied to wet surfaces and is available in NLGI grades 1, 2, and 3.


Whether the need is to find a lubricant suitable for drilling operations in environmentally sensitive areas or simply to choose a sustainable product made from renewable materials, EcoLine Drilling Rod Grease offers the necessary lubrication and pressure protection in an eco-friendly biobased package.


 Appearance Golden Brown
 Cone Penetration, Unworked NLGI Grade 1 310-340
 NLGI Grade 2 265-295
 NLGI Grade 3 220-250
 Four Ball Wear Scar 0.55 mm
 Four Ball Weld Load 1,100 lb. (500 kg)
 Dropping Point 390°F (199°C)
 Oil Separation <5% 
 Base Oil Viscosity 104°F (40°C) 185 cSt
 212°F (100°C) 28 cSt
 Base Oil Viscosity Index 190
 Base Oil Flash Point 619°F (326°C)
 Base Oil Biodegradability (OECD 301) Pass
 Base Oil Aquatic Toxicity (OECD 202) Non-toxic
 Base Oil Plant Toxicity (OECD 208) Pass
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Improves efficiency of operation
  • Provides extreme pressure protection
  • Replaces standard non-biodegradable aluminum-thickened grease with biodegradable counterpart
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