Edge Computing Solid-State Drive Product Line


The Edge Computing Solid-State Drive (SSD) Product Line consists of the 2.5” SATA 3TS6-P, 3TS9-P, and M.2 (P80) 4TS2-P drives. Innodisk’s edge AI SSDs feature low latency, high DWPD (drive writes per day), and large capacities. In addition, the included iCell and AES technologies protect data from losses and breaches. Aiming at smart retail, smart city, smart fleet management, and NAS network storage applications, it is providing high speeds, reliability, and industrial-grade high quality to respond to the rising market needs.


Edge AI SSDs inside edge servers are required to process data at high speeds at the source instead of sending all data back to a central data center, thus improving latency and reducing cost. With the series reaching 6.4TB, these new SSDs are sure to disrupt the edge storage market and improve experiences for end users.


This new product line integrates Innodisk's R&D capabilities in software, hardware, and firmware. With the introduction of specialized SSDs that combine the advantages of industrial SSDs with the characteristics of data center SSDs, Innodisk hopes to meet the needs of the ever-growing sector.

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