EGS Low-Profile Precision Rail


The EGS04 low-profile precision rail is an “efficient guided system” that's suited for customers in lab automation and electronic assembly where applications require high speed and highly efficient point-to-point motion. Its stage base combines RGS-style screw supports and a ball-bearing profile rail for a lower carriage ride (<0.6 in. (16 mm)), higher speed capability, and more efficient, stiffer load support than competitor products.


It provides a less complex and up to 50% smaller alternative to more traditional belt and gearbox designs and offers the advantage of an easily integrated bolt-in design to eliminate facets of a multi-component



  • Travel stroke up to 3 ft (1 m)
  • Mechanical advantage of a screw drive
  • Configuration options:
    • NEMA size 11 and 17 hybrid stepper motors
    • BLDC 42mm motors
    • IDEA integrated drive options
    • Non-motorized
    • Standard and long carriages
    • Various screw leads
    • Rotary encoders
EGS04 Load Specifications
Design Payload15 lb. (7 kg)
Axial Force 133 N  (30 lb-f)
Roll Moment3 N-m (27 lbf-in)
Pitch Moment5 N-m (46 lbf-in)
Yaw Moment3 N-m (26 lbf-in)
Repeatability+/-25 µm (0.001 in.)
Size 11: 28 mm (1.1 in) Motor 1.8 degree
Stack LengthDouble
Step Angle1.8-deg.
Winding Voltage2, 5, 12V DC
Current/Phase1.9, 0.75, 0.35 A rms
Resistance/Phase1.1 6.7 34.8 Ω
Inductance/Phase1.1, 5.8, 35.6 mh
Power Input7.5 W
Motor Rotor Inertia13.5 gcm2
Size 17: 43 mm (1.7 in) Motor 1.8 degree
Stack LengthSingleDouble
Step Angle1.8-deg.
Winding Voltage2.33, 5, and 12V DC
Current/Phase1.5, 0.7, 0.29 A rms2.6, 1.3, 0.55 A rms 
Resistance/Phase1.56, 7.2, 41.5 Ω0.9, 3.8, 21.9 Ω
Inductance/Phase1.9, 8.7, 54 mH1.33, 8.21, 45.1 mH
Power Input7 W10.4 W
Motor Rotor Inertia37 gcm278 gcm2
EC042B Motor Data
Max DC Terminal Voltage96V 
Max Speed (Mechanical)9,000 rpm
Continuous Stall Torque0.064 Nm / 9.0 oz-in.
Peak Torque (Max.)0.38 Nm / 54 oz-in.
Coulomb Friction Torque0.0014 Nm / 0.20 oz-in
Viscous Damping Factor3.4E-06 V/(rad/s) / 0.050 oz-in/krpm
Thermal Time Constant5.1 min
Thermal Resistance196°F (9.1°C/W)
Max. Winding Temp.221°F (105°C)
Rotor Inertia1.4E-05 kg-m2/0.0021 oz-in-s2
Motor Weight340 g (12 oz.)
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