Electric Label Dispensers


Addison, TX – April 2006 – The TheLabelDispenser™ line of semiautomatic electric label dispensers from START International includes solutions to improve all label placement processes. Built with solid state photo sensors, the dispensers can be trusted to increase speed and accuracy along production lines. The machines are durably designed with an all-metal construction to perform in industrial environments.

The dispensers eliminate several steps in manufacturing by advancing labels, separating them from their lining, and positioning each label for the operator to remove. As soon as the operator takes the label, a solid state photo sensor detects its absence, the spool is wound forward, and the next label is presented for removal. The sensor makes no contact with the labels throughout the entire process, thus ensuring a long life for the machine.

The TheLabelDispenser™ line includes 18 machines that can dispense labels with sizes ranging from .125 inches to 12 inches in length and from .25 inches to 8 inches wide, depending upon the model number selected. Each dispenser can perform on a range of dimensions, as the specifications are not exact and can be customized by moving the machine’s fully-adjustable photo sensor.

Between their various label dispensers, START International has the capabilities to dispense a full spectrum of pressure-sensitive labels. All sizes, materials, and shapes can be dispensed quickly and efficiently, including die cut parts.

The dispensers can be utilized in product identification, packaging, and assembly. Each machine is ideal for any company using labels, and results in increased speed and productivity along production lines.

About START International:
START International has been providing taping and labeling solutions to manufacturers around the world since 1981. As an application oriented company, they aim to provide their customers with solutions to their manufacturing problems, as well as ways to improve upon existing processes. For their full line of tape and label dispensers, START offers a Material Evaluation program which ensures dispenser success and customer satisfaction.


• Liner Capacity Width - .25" to 8" (6.35mm to 203mm) • Length - .5" to 12" (12.7mm to 305mm) • Roll Capacity - 12" (305mm) • Feed Speed* - 3.9"/second (10cm/second) • Dimensions - 14.5"(L)x15.5"(W)x11"(H) (368(L)x395(W)x279mm(H)) • Electrical Requirements - 100/115V 50/60Hz (220V available) • Weight - 18.4lbs (8.33kg)
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