EMERALD Phased Array Ultrasound System


Designed for rugged environments and challenging non-destructive testing applications in oil and gas, power generation, manufacturing, in-service railway, and aerospace, EMERALD is an advanced compact, industrial phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) system with Total Focusing Method (TFM) image processing. The system includes 64-channel code-compliant PAUT; data acquisition through Full Matrix Capture (FMC) and Plane Wave Imaging (PWI) up to 128 elements; real-time, multi-TFM processing for faster, more efficient image reconstruction; Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) capabilities; advanced focusing techniques such as Sectorial Total Focusing; bipolar pulses to penetrate thick components; and superior signal quality due to a high dynamic analog signal amplification range.


EMERALD is driven by UltraVision, Zetec’s ultrasound software that manages the entire inspection process including probe design, inspection technique development and validation, advanced data analysis, and comprehensive reporting.


EMERALD’s I/O management is designed to simplify integration for multi-instrument configurations. Encoder and critical I/O signals can be daisy-chained between instruments, simplifying cabling requirements. Each EMERALD unit can support up to three encoders, 12 input signals, and 9 output signals. UltraVision’s software development kit (SDK) enables users to integrate their own development within UltraVision to create highly customized solutions, which adds integration flexibility.


With fast, 5-GigE industrial-grade data throughput and a rugged magnesium IP65 enclosure, EMERALD can work in almost any industrial environment without external protection. Multiple instruments connected in parallel to the same UltraVision session offer the limitless capability for complex inspection configurations.


EMERALD is available with a dedicated probe splitter module to connect two 64-element probes simultaneously and also give access to four additional pairs of TOFD probes.


  • Full Matrix Capture (FMC) up to 128 elements
  • Real-time high-speed multi-TFM onboard processing
  • 64 channel code-compliant PAUT
  • Parallel firing and processing PA channels
  • Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
  • Multi-channel raw FMC encoded data saving
  • High dynamic analog signal amplification range
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