Emergency LED Lightbulbs


It's always a good idea to have spare flashlights around the house in case of a blackout, but how many times have you reached for one when you need it and find out the batteries are dead or you left it out in the garage or some other dark, cluttered space? These 7W emergency lightbulbs are the automated solution to that. They usually work like normal bulbs, all the while storing energy in an embedded battery. When the power goes out, they stay on for up to six hours. They last up to 50,000 hours total.


  • Our Emergency LED bulb 7 Watt, 65 Watt Equivalent, E26/E27,Power Saving, Durable, Environmental Friendly.Save 90% energy
  • High quality, High brightness;Material:PC;Smart change of LED bulds can make your no longer worry about the accident of power.The bulbs will keep bright for 4-6 Hrs when the outage of power happens.
  • Feature Bulb for Special Use: You can also make the bulb lighten by your finger like our pictures show.So the bulb can be a outdoor camping light, and it will be much useful in some industry area.During load shedding or power interruption,the light bulbs will remain on if already switch on(1 sec delay)
  • Dimension:4.72in*2.75in; Color: White; Long Life up to 50,000(h).Easy installation, just screw in the E27 socket. USA Standard bulb base connector.
  • Suitable for hotel, dining room, guest room, office, show room, shop, corridor,go camping etc.
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