Energy Savings Gas Detection 911154 CO/VC Carbon Monoxide Monitor & Ventilation Fan Controller


CONSPEC’s new gas detection 911154 CO/VC carbon monoxide monitor & ventilation fan controller is more compact and sturdier than ever, measuring just 4.5" × 4" × 2.5" and features a rugged NEMA 4-4X weatherproof nonmetallic enclosure.  This new gas detection model is tamper resistant, due to the elimination of the front keypad, and surface mountable for ease of installation. CONSPEC has also upgraded and streamlined the circuitry, and is passing the cost savings to their customers. 

How the 911154 gas detection monitor works: In enclosed environments where the event of above normal CO level exists, the monitor will signal ventilation fans to cycle and operate until the area’s atmosphere returns to a safe level. A standard audible alarm warns personnel of high CO concentrations.  A clear LED readout indicates the status of the monitor, and a large, easy-to-read LCD display continuously displays CO levels being monitored.   The unit automatically restarts when power is restored and resets when alarm condition clears.  
Reduced Energy Costs:  When using the 911154 gas detection monitor, electricity and heating expenses are dramatically reduced because fans are only operating when needed as opposed to constantly.  Energy savings of up to 85% can be achieved, and in most cases, the return on the cost of the system could be realized in one year or less.

Installation:  This new gas detection system was designed to serve as a stand-alone or multi-unit CO detector and fan controller.  A single controller will cover up to 10,000 square feet with a 10 foot average ceiling level.   Multiple controllers can be easily installed and connected by a simple series with the controllers, with no need for a central panel.  
Features:  The 911154 gas detection system offers a fast response time (<40 seconds to 90% of the reading) and fail-safe operation thanks to a microcomputer that self tests electronic circuitry.   The electrochemical sensor offers long sensor life and replacing a sensor is quick and easy.   

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