FactoryTalk Design Hub Software for Remote Collaboration


2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

FactoryTalk Design Hub lets automation design teams collaborate and improve lifecycle management through on-demand access to cloud-based software. It enables teams to access designs on demand from any web browser with software that is always up to date and scales users and compute capacity to meet project workload demands.


The software enables digital thread connectivity between its design, visualization, digital twin, storage, and remote access software tools that provide control system developers with immediate on-demand access to all automation designs as needed regardless of their location, helping these companies to accelerate their initiatives ranging from digital transformation to IT/OT convergence.


FactoryTalk Design Hub includes 5 core solutions:

  1. FactoryTalk Design Studio: a cloud-native software that helps improve system design efficiency. Available anytime, anywhere using only a web browser, there are no downloads or installs required and no software maintenance responsibility.
  2. FactoryTalk Optix Software: Known as “visualization for visionaries,” Optix is the first cloud-enabled HMI product to be launched within FactoryTalk Design Hub. Users can design, test, and deploy applications directly from a web browser.
  3. FactoryTalk Twin Studio: An end-to-end automation design solution where users can design, program, simulate, emulate, and virtually commission in one cloud environment.
  4. FactoryTalk Vault: Provides secure, cloud-native centralized storage for manufacturing design teams.
  5. FactoryTalk Remote Access Solution: Enables secure connections to equipment, allowing teams to respond to needs faster and rapidly resolve production issues from anywhere. It quickly connects domain experts to critical issues, no matter the physical location of either, increasing support response time and reducing the costs associated with travel and asset downtime.
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