Visualize Your Enterprise


Webalo enables frontline workers to simplify and improve their daily activities through real-time access to actionable analytics, alerts, and notifications, as well as desktop and native mobile bi-directional interaction through intelligently managed workflows, all of which combine to help them make better, more informed decisions and improve their business productivity.


Webalo’s core competencies—no-code app generation, actionable visualization and task-oriented, native mobile capabilities—enable a simple and rapid digital transformation process for frontline workers in industrial companies. Focusing on the industrial frontline workforce, where quality, productivity, and employee engagement are all critical business metrics, has rapidly accelerated Webalo’s market traction in mid-size to Fortune 500 companies, particularly in the consumer packaged goods, discrete manufacturing, energy, food and beverage, mining and transportation industries.


Webalo’s expanded focus on the frontline workforce has centered on productivity: checklists, forms, and workflows to standardize processes and accelerate collaboration among industrial workers. Connected Worker and Control Tower functionality creates the backbone for ‘institutionalizing’ best practices, standard operating procedures and reinforcing good manufacturing practices within organizations.

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