Filter Spray Makes Common HVAC Filters Electrostatic


Mainstream Engineering introduces PuraClean  filter spray that transforms  HVAC/R equipment media filters into a passive electrostatic filter. The 16-ounce, non-aerosol filter spray improves filter efficiency ranging from 200-percent to 1,200-percent for 3 to 7-micrometer particle sizes, respectively, but without affecting airflow resistance or system efficiency.

PuraClean is designed to improve the performance of any type of filter ranging from reusable metal filters, expensive electrostatic filters or inexpensive spun glass or foam filters. Less expensive filters, which typically filter only 20 percent of airstream particulates, will receive the greatest benefit.

 In conventional HVAC systems, friction from the airflow through the filter media can potentially attract particles electro-statically; however those charges are continually dissipating. PuraClean applies a dielectric insulation to the fibers so their electrostatic attraction capabilities remain. Even electrostatic filters benefit from this dielectric coating, since increased dielectric insulation leads to improved filtration.

Each bottle treats up to16 filters. 


  • improves filter efficiency
  • won't affect airflow resistance or system efficiency
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