Flex Grip Closers Boost Productivity


Lexair’s New Flex Grip closers are designed for versatility and efficiency, and they are proven to boost productivity for a variety of machining operations including 5-axis, rotary indexer and stationary applications. The manual/hydraulic closers are clamped through a screw pump with a spring return opening. A parts stop disk is inserted and removed from the top to eliminate the need to remove the closer from the mounting base. The closers can also be equipped to operate under M-code command for fully automated applications.


With the addition of a Hardinge 5C and 16C-tooling adapter, Flex Grip closers can be used with Hardinge FlexC collets and Sure Grip I.D. mandrels, 5C and 16C collets, as well as 5C and 16C step chucks, providing four working holding options in one collet. 


Flex Grip closers are available in sizes of 65 mm and 80 mm and grip force up to 21,600 lb. at 65 lb./ft. The collets can be custom-fitted to nearly any application, and according to Lexair, testing has yielded .0002-in. part accuracy, with ± .020-in. range on part diameter and a 10-second collet change.

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