FLEXION Gripper Handles Any Product


FLEXION is a new technology inspired by the ultimate gripper: the human hand. Designed for both collaborative and industrial applications, the configurable design allows for an unparalleled range of application abilities and offers the potential to solve challenges that previously had no answer.


When actuated, the internal tendon system engages multiple joints to encapsulate a part or grip it by the fingertips. The adjustment of the operating pressure allows for a wide range of usable force to provide industrial-strength gripping for demanding applications or a delicate soft touch for sensitive product handling. Additionally, the fingers can be reconfigured by the user to suit multiple purposes as they arise.


Finger arrays of one to five fingers can be mounted to the hub position to suit the user’s unique requirements. The arrays can be rotated on the hub to spread opposing arrays apart or together for optimal workpiece encapsulation. Each finger can be fitted with up to two switches to sense positions such as “part gripped”, “missed part” or “starting position.”


The configured system follows ISO 9409 mounting standards to mount directly to most robots on the market.


FLEXION's technology solves many difficult applications including variable-shaped items, irregular shapes, items that are sensitive or fragile, loose-filled bags, and even items intended for human hands.


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