FlexLoader Automated/Integrated VRC System


FlexLoader Automated/Integrated VRC System is designed for automation duty comes standard with Wildeck’s patented AutoSenz Safety Control System.


In response to customer needs for a safer material lift for automation duty applications, Wildeck’s industry-leading VRC product development and marketing team has unveiled a new fully-integrated VRC system incorporating automated flush-mounted conveyors, with either a straddle or 4-post vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC), and Wildeck Overhead Safety Gates at each level. 



    • Standard - Up to 15,000 lb.
    • High Load - Up to 30,000 lb. (higher load capacity designs available)
  • LIFT SPEED: Standard travel speed is 20 fpm. Higher speeds are available.
  • CARRIAGE PLATFORM: Up to 12 wide x 30 ft. long. Custom sizes available. Pit-less Flat Plate carriage available on some sizes (eliminates loading ramp or pit requirements).
  • LOADING PATTERNS: C, Z, 90-deg. or 4-sided.
  • LEVELS: Standard – Ground floor plus 1-stop. Multi-level operation is available.
  • MECHANICAL LIFTING SYSTEM: The 4XLift features a rugged lifting motor rated for continuous duty. Reliable heavy-duty roller chains, a high service factor gearbox, and the alloy steel driveshaft have been specially designed for durability and long service life.
  • PAINT FINISH: Standard VRC paint color is Wildeck Gray. Optional colors are available. Purchased components are painted per vendor standards. A computer-controlled 7-step process electrostatically applies a uniform 2-part polyurethane coating similar to an automotive clear-coat finish.
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