GP70L Extended-Reach Robot


The six-axis GP70L extended-reach robot enables fast, reliable, and powerful performance. In addition to the reach, the speed and robust 154.3 lb. (70 kg) payload capacity make the model ideal for logistic processes, including palletizing and depalletizing. It features a 107.6 in. (2,732 mm) horizontal reach, a 185.6 in. (4,715 mm) vertical reach, and 0.05 mm repeatability. Also expertly supported are dispensing, material handling, press tending, and machine tending applications.


The fast axis speeds and acceleration capabilities reduce cycle time for increased production output. High moment of inertia ratings facilitate the handling of large and heavy payloads; the payload enables a wide range of tooling and sensors to fulfill diverse application requirements.


The wide wrist motion and reduced interference design allows easy access to parts in tight spots and close proximity placement of robots for high-density workcells.


The robot can be floor-mounted, has an IP67-rated wrist, an IP54 body standard, and is controlled by the YRC1000 controller.


  • Payload: 154.3 lb. (70 kg)
  • Controller: YRC1000
  • Horizontal reach: 107.6 in. (2,732 mm)
  • Vertical reach: 185.6 in. (4,715 mm)
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