Green Hornet XF Water Suction Hose


Green Hornet XF is extra flexible and withstands extreme cold in agriculture,
construction, manufacturing, waste management and marine applications. Introduced by
Veyance Technologies, the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of Goodyear
Engineered Products, the hose has a smooth-bore tube that minimizes material build-up
and resists most chemicals found in agriculture and sanitation applications. Combining superior flexibility and vacuum ratings with low-temperature
capabilities in a light-weight package makes the Green Hornet XF the best performing
suction hose on the market, according to Keith Collett, industrial hose marketing manager
for Veyance.
“This hose is capable of doing the dirty work under extreme conditions,” said
Collett. The Green Hornet XF is constructed to operate in temperatures as low as minus-
40 degrees F, which is also minus-40 degrees C. He said end users wanted a hose that is light and flexible, so Green Hornet XF is
10 percent lighter and surpasses the competition on a special “force to bend” test that
quantifies flexibility. In fact, test results show that the new hose requires 45 percent less
force to bend and achieves an equal or tighter bend radius.
“Water suction hoses are used in tight quarters,” said Collett. “The Green Hornet
XF can bend 90-degrees around equipment for trouble-free use in the field.”
But he said increased flexibility can’t interfere with a vacuum hose’s most
important feature – suction power. “We made a flexible hose that’s still rated very close
to full vacuum.”
He explained that some competing hoses, while flexible, collapse if used under
intense vacuum conditions, especially in larger sizes. The Green Hornet XF is available
up to 6 inches in diameter, offering the largest size hose capable of withstanding pressure
up to 29” Hg in vacuum applications.
Veyance test results aren’t the only proof. Goodyear Authorized Distributors
conducted independent testing of the Green Hornet XF against competitors’ products and
came back with similar results.
“Through a combination of innovative materials, design improvements and
technologically-advanced manufacturing processes, we created a hose that makes a beeline
to the top of the market.”
Despite its performance improvements, the price of the hose does not change,
Collett said. “That’s part of the Green Hornet XF’s value proposition for our customers.
We’re sending a message that Goodyear industrial hose products are competitive and can
help grow business,” he said.


Temperature - -40°f to 180°f (-40°c to 82°c) Weight - 2.88 Length - 100’
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