GX Series Sit/Stands


 BioFit GX Series sit/stands provide ergonomic support for plant and laboratory workers who normally stand for much of their workday.  Users can achieve a semi-sitting position that distributes weight more evenly, helps prevent fatigue and muscle strain on the low back, and eases stress on legs and feet.  GX Series sit/stands have a self-skinned urethane seat that is durable, easy to wash down, and resistant to damage from water, lubricants, chemicals, inks, paints, coatings, engineering resins, and sharp tools or other objects  The sit/stands include a Soft Touch pneumatic mechanism that enables a worker to raise and lower seat height by touching a paddle.  The contoured seat can be tilted forward to accommodate work movements.  Models are available with trumpet base (shown) or tubular base with footring.  Whether used for intermittent relief or as a long-term replacement to standing, BioFit sit/stands provide comfort and promote added worker productivity.  GX Series sit/stands are backed by BioFit’s 13-Year, 24/7 Sure-Seat Warranty.
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