HDPE FILM (High Strength)


HDPE is moisture resistant and has superior strength when compared with LDPE. It has more rigidity than LDPE and offers better heat resistance. Uses: pipe, shipping pallets, truck bed liners, dunnage trays. Black High Density Polyethylene Film is offered in .015" or .030" thick. HDPE is sold by the foot and is 47" wide. Rolls are 100 Foot long. Product Series #43-. Color is Black.

NEW PRODUCT: HDPE PE-Bondable Tape — HDPE Film with Special PE BOND adhesive. Adhesive bonds to hard-to-bond PE surfaces like HDPE, LDPE, UHMW. PE-Bond adhesive is manufactured on these substrates: HDPE (.015” or .030” thick), UHMW (.003” to .125”thick) & PTFE (.005” to .125” thick). Custom substrates can also be manufactured with PE-Bond. PE-BOND is also available in a Transfer Tape form (Adhesive-on-a-Roll). Slit widths, sheets and die-cut parts are available for any of these products.


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