Helmet Flashlight with 600-foot Beam Distance


Nightstick NSP-4650B Dual-Light Flashlights, mounted on firefighter helmets, produce 220 lumens in high mode for a rated beam distance of 600 feet with a 3.5 hour run time on a fresh CR123 Lithium battery pair.

A second, independently controlled broad-beam LED floodlight, aimed forward at a 45 deg angle to the flashlight beam emits a soft, unfocused light, illuminating nearby objects during overhauling, reading a respirator gauge, or illuminating the ground to prevent slips, trips and falls. A third green LED  in the rear provides a locator light so others can easily identify team personnel in smoke-filled or dusty environments.


  • $69.95
  • CR123 Lithium battery pair (included)
  • 220 lumens in high mode at 600 ft (3.5 hrs)
  • 100 lumens at 390 ft (10 hrs)
  • 30 lumens (193 ft (33.5 hrs)
  • A second glove-friendly control can set the independent floodlight for 100 lumens (10 hours), 50 lumens (21.5 hours) or a low 15-lumen survival mode that lasts up to 60 hours.

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