HEX@GRID Vacuum Control Platform


Users can improve their vacuum performance with the HEX@GRID control platform. The central multi-pump control has a multitude of intelligent functions and sets new standards in terms of connectivity and energy efficiency. All components can be integrated into one system, making it more cost-effective to operate and maintain.


This allows customers to operate their systems from a single source, regardless of location. Allowing for monitoring via laptop, smartphone or tablet, a notification function on the selected end device always keeps users up to date.


With the full connectivity of the HEX@GRID, updates and new functions can be downloaded directly. It also comes with an optional 10 in. (25.4 cm) intuitive HMI interface. Depending on the application, different HEX@GRID versions are available to the user; the standard version platform controls up to eight pumps.


  • Notifications
    • Adjust your pumps responsiveness using pre-set configurations
  • Intelligent scheduling
    • Add schedules and actions
    • Secure your process
  • Health check
    • Monitor your pumps
  • Plug and play
    • Truly connect and control your system irrespective of technology, type or brand of pump
  • New interface
    • Clear, intuitive, and modern
    • Customizable
    • Accessible on any device
  • Central setpoint control
    • Stable and smart
  • Easy menu
    • Customizable
    • Process monitored
  • Truly connected
    • Simple connect and control
    • Via any smart device
    • Secured
  • Energy saving
    • VSD smart control
  • Auto update
    • Improvements
    • New features
  • Equal wear
    • Reduce and combine the maintenance of your pump with equal wear
    • Back-up can be included
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