Hgh-Performance Coolants


MAG's new CYCLO COOL® 4000 and 4100 metalworking fluids are uniquely formulated for machining proprietary stainless and heat-treated steels used in forgings for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) pump parts and similar equipment for the oil and gas industry. “The stainless and heat-treated steels used in hydraulic fracking pumps are among the toughest to machine, because the alloys have been developed to withstand extreme pressures and operating environments,” said Roy (Sonny) Truett, Product Manager, MAG Productivity Solutions. “Industry growth is driving demand for these parts, so to achieve the necessary production rates and increase tool life, a premium, high-pressure, low-foaming metalworking fluid is critical to meeting customers’ manufacturing goals.” To handle intense pressures (10,000 to 30,000 psi), fracking pumps are machined from heavy blocks of stainless and alloy steels. 

CYCLO COOL 4000 and 4100 metalworking fluids are specifically formulated for extreme high-heat applications, such as deep-hole drilling, tapping and hogging of these tough-to-cut metals. These multipurpose fluids can also be used on aluminum, bronze, brass and copper making them ideal for shop-wide applications in individual machines and central systems. CYCLO COOL 4000 is a heavy-duty cutting fluid containing a combination of extreme pressure additives, esters and mineral oil for physical lubricity – ideal for machining fracking pumps and other severe-duty applications. CYCLO COOL 4100 is an ultra-high-performance coolant formulated with a unique blend of sulfurized and chlorinated extreme pressure additives for heavy machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous material, including titanium. CYCLO COOL 4100 is extremely low foaming and has high stability for applications where hard water build-up presents a problem. MAG also offers synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants designed for medium- to light-duty finish machining on parts headed to the oil patch or fracking operations. CYCLO COOL 2000LF is a high-pressure, low-foam semi-synthetic with performance similar to most soluble oils. This general-purpose fluid concentrate is recommended for high-volume coolant flows at pressures exceeding 1000-psi, and it can be used for turning, drilling, tapping, milling and reaming ferrous or non-ferrous material. 


  • for extreme high-heat applications
  • low foaming
  • high stability

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