High-Clearance Pump System


AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump System, a low-maintenance, high-performance pump, extends run-time between service events. The pump incorporates technology that allows it to run for months in wells where traditional pumps fail in a matter of days.


The system design has increased clearance between the float, casing, and discharge tube. The AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump System has three times the clearance of regular pumps which enables it to deal with higher viscosities, greater concentrations of solids content, and precipitates. In addition, the pump utilizes 316-grade Stainless Steel which resists corrosion even when exposed to harsh leachates and high temperatures.


The unique technology makes pump cleaning easy and ensures pumps will stay clean longer. The pump has a proprietary non-stick finish that reduces solids buildup. A field test of this model in a difficult well ran for 348,985 cycles – uninterrupted. Afterward, it required just thirty minutes to clean. The process to clean is simple: a water spray and a light wipe will do the job.


The AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump System features a fiberglass pump body, stainless steel pump ends, internal components, and fittings for tubes and hoses. This standard model is 4.5 in. in diameter, is 39.3 in. long, weighs 17.8 lb., and can reach a maximum flow of 13 gpm.

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