SMART DAC Mixer Series


The SMART DAC (Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal) series combines craftsmanship and expertise with smart innovations like real-time temperature control, vacuum-robotic, sensor integration, variable counter rotation, Internet of Things compliance, QR code reader, remote control, and automatic pot cooling system. The series allows mixing from 0.55 to 4.4 lb (0.25 to 2 kg).


SMART DAC features variable counter rotation, increased mixing weight and volume and allows up to 30 minutes of mixing time. The improved structure also allows mixing at very low speeds without the risk of high vibrations, offering a big advantage when, for example, a light powder is one of the components.


Optional features:

  • Remote control ready
  • Real-time temperature control
  • Auto-programmable cooling system
  • Smart sensor integration
  • QR code reader enabled
  • Internet of Things compliant
  • Variable counter rotation
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