iCue: Monitor Industrial Dust Collectors


Enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), the iCue connected filtration service, a subscription service, monitors industrial dust collectors and sends real-time data and maintenance alerts directly to facility management teams. The information is designed to prompt timely maintenance that can help improve production uptime and reduce operating costs.


Donaldson's iCue connected filtration service for dust collection provides a variety of sensor options that enable operators to track the parameters that are most important to their unique operations.

  • A Sensor Integrated Gateway monitors the dust collector's core operation by tying into existing airlines and measuring differential pressure, compressed air pressure, and relative airflow
  • Additional sensors can be added based on the unique needs of the application
  • Aggregated data is sent to Donaldson’s secure cloud via a cellular connection, avoiding the need to link, and thereby expose, the facility's internal network
  • An easy-to-use online dashboard enables visibility of all connected dust collectors, from one or more facilities, in seconds
  • For more complex analysis, plotted data over various sensors and timeframes adds understanding of longer-term performance trends
  • Immediate alerts notify responsible parties when issues arise that may require attention
  • A weekly status report is delivered, summarizing the overall status and performance of all connected dust collectors


Far surpassing traditional non-connected gauges, Donaldson’s iCue service gives factory personnel access to detailed equipment performance data via an online dashboard and sends simple, actionable notices and email reports to their laptops or mobile devices. Maintenance teams can tailor the information parameters to their specific applications and dust management needs. The iCue service is compatible with major dust and fume collector brands, and a subscription includes hardware, automated reports, real-time maintenance alerts and an online interface for more detailed analysis.


  • Support Uptime
    • Monitor key parameters on the collector and proactively address changes
    • Set and configure alarms so you receive notifications when your dust collector is operating outside of normal parameters for your facilities and processes
  • Support Efficient Maintenance & Operation
    • Monitor the status of all your dust collectors from a single dashboard
    • Catch issues before they create larger, more time-intensive corrective action
  • Intelligent Insights
    • View historical data to aid in troubleshooting and optimization of your dust collection operations
    • Receive weekly reports summarizing the status and performance of your dust collectors – ensuring you are maintaining a safe and compliant work environment
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