iglide i6-BLUE Laser Sintering Powder


The iglide i6-BLUE laser sintering powder for 3D printing is highly abrasion-resistant, self-lubricating, and food-safe according to FDA and EU 10/2011 regulations. It is easy to detect, increasing the safety of machines and systems in the food and beverage industry. It is particularly suitable for printing worm gears, toothed gears, and snap-on connections in 3D. The component is unique because it is entirely blue and doesn't just have colored surfaces. This ensures that all possible fragments are blue and, therefore, easy to detect.


With its unique material composition, iglide i6-BLUE is also tough and abrasion-resistant with good sliding properties. Due to the high elongation at break, the laser sintering printing material is also suitable for the additive manufacturing of snap-on connections. In addition, iglide i6-BLUE increases the hygiene of machines for the food and beverage industry. Microscopic solid lubricants are integrated into the laser sintering material and released automatically during movement, allowing low-friction dry operation. This eliminates the need for lubricants, which attract dust and dirt and can become a contamination risk. The material is resistant to temperatures between -40 and +176°F (-40 and +80°C).


  • Food-safe according to FDA and EU 10/2011 regulations
  • Resistant to temperatures between -40 and +176°F (-40 and +80°C)
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