J2-192 Joey Order Picker


The J2-192 Joey Order Picker supports both forks forward and forks trailing operator stances that can be changed on the fly while maintaining consistent steering orientation. Additionally, the J2-192, at just 36-in. (914 mm) wide, is highly maneuverable and has a much smaller overall footprint than full-size order pickers while still maintaining support for loads of over 2,000 lb. (907 kg).


The combination of these attributes allows the order picker to deliver superior productivity in small retail aisles, urban fulfillment centers, or dense areas of the largest distribution centers.


It can be used with a wide range of pallet types or order-picking carts and elevates loads to 192 in. (4,876 mm) via a three-stage steel mast. In addition to enhancing productivity and driving characteristics, the J2’s dual control system enables the operator to choose a stance that improves their line of sight during travel, while staging loads or when elevated.


The J2-192 comes outfitted from the factory with a 24V industrial 340AH battery to support the run time needs of most users and features AC drive motors, an LCD programmable display, a pallet clamp, and an anchor, tether, and harness system that attaches to the machine’s overhead guard.


  • 2,200 lb. @ 24-in. LC on forks to 144 in. (998 kg @ 609 mm to 3,657 mm)
  • 1,500-lb. (680 kg) capacity on forks to full heights with a 300-lb. (136 kg) rated operator's compartment.
  • LCD dash display with selectable travel settings and diagnostics
  • Electronic power steering with infinitely variable speed control
  • Fingertip controls integrated into retractable vehicle guardrails
  • 180-deg. articulating driveline with a compact minimum turn radius
 Vehicle Type Mid-Level Order Pickers
 Max. Capacity

 2,200 lb. @ 24-in. LC (998 kg @ 609 mm)

 Power 24V AC electric with Zapi transistor control
 Max. Operator Height 132, 150 or 198 in. (3,353, 3,810 or 5,029 mm)
 Max. Fork Height 126, 144 or 192 in. (3,200, 3,657 or 4,876 mm)
 Battery Capacity 340AH Industrial battery pack
 Charger External of Integral 120V smart charger
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